At Phone Plus we pride ourselves on our flexible and innovative approach to delivery of Contact Centre solutions for our various clients. Since 2004 we have provided continuous improvement and flexibility in our rostering to ensure over time the closest match with Chrisco’s call volumes. This has enabled Chrisco to manage their leave liability and resourcing constraints especially during periods of peak and seasonal demand thus providing continuity of service to their customers. We have included Chrisco’s case study to reflect Phone Plus’ commitment to service provisioning in order to maximise the customers experience and to continually meet service levels.


Chrisco was established in 1977 and has supplied Christmas hampers to New Zealand customers since 1993. The company has a very strong commitment to their customers ‐ the experience they get every time they make contact with Chrisco is of great importance. Each year Chrisco embarks on an intensive five month advertising campaign in print, radio and TV media to attract new customers. The advertising campaign drives the consumer either to go on to the internet, or call a freephone number to order a complimentary catalogue. The catalogue explains how the Chrisco service works and provides details on the different hamper options. Chrisco has a 65 seat call centre in house. Each time there is a TV advertisement, a large number of calls are generated in a small amount of time. These sudden spikes in telephone requests for catalogues exceed the capacity of the internal resources available at Chrisco. Chrisco decided that they needed some help during those peak times so that service standards could be maintained year round. Chrisco’s Campaign Manager, Vickie Martin, was introduced to Phone Plus in 2004. Immediately a great relationship started as it was clear that the Chrisco values and beliefs in customer service were matched by Phone Plus. During October to February each year, Chrisco relies on Phone Plus to manage the additional inbound call flow generated by the advertising campaign.

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