Les Mills provides facilities which enable customers to exercise on their own or with like minded people, with the help of staff to encourage and motivate each person to meet their individual fitness goals.


Les Mills was established in 1968 by a New Zealand Olympian Les Mills. Since then it has been this country’s leading gym and there are now gyms in over 80 countries.


  • 6 million people around the world do a Les Mills fitness class every week, in more than 14,000 gyms
  • New Zealand has 10 clubs and 250 personal trainers
  • Les Mills gyms are home to the world’s best fitness classes and training programs , including BODYPUMP®, RPM®, BODYATTACK®, BODYBALANCE®, Les Mills BOOTCAMP® and Les Mills LOOK BETTER NAKED®
  • Other member services include early childhood education centres, beauticians, cafes, saunas, spas nutritionists and physiotherapists



Business Situation

Les Mills designed a loyalty programme which segments their database into 5 tiers from new member through to members of 10+ years. They undertook a marketing program to reach the different segments.   They knew their database was out of date, especially for members of 10 years + but did not have the internal resource to get it up to date.

The long term club members were a priority with a gift pack rewarding loyalty going to this segment. The pack itself had a very high production cost and it contained high value items.

The launch date had already been compromised by a supplier problem in producing the packs.  The update of the database therefore had to be completed quickly.

The Solution

Phone Plus was approached to provide a team to cleanse the database. We responded and had a team up and calling within days.

The team of eight experienced agents was assigned to telephone these high value customers and verify contact details.  The campaign was completed in 17 days.  To add value, it was also decided to gather other customer details including email address and an alternative telephone contact number.  Phone Plus added value by asking the customer for permission on behalf of Les Mills to make email contact in the future, opening a low cost communication channel and meeting the requirements of New Zealand’s Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007.

Each telephone number was attempted three times, to ensure that the highest number of people could be reached within the timeframe available.  We used features of our web based database application to book a suitable callback time as and when one was requested by the customer. The application also automatically varies the time of day after each contact attempt so that the next call could be more successful.   75% of the data list was successfully reached by Phone Plus.

Each piece of customer contact data was carefully verified including the spelling back of street address and repeating each telephone number given by the customer.  This ensured a very high level of data accuracy, providing Les Mills with a highly reliable data set for the current marketing program and for future use.

The files containing the verified customer data were returned to Les Mills using a secure File Transfer Protocol (FTP) site, to ensure that confidential customer data was securely transferred back.

The high penetration level of the list and the greatly increased level of data accuracy by Phone Plus ensured that delivery of the programme to its high value customers was successful.

The cost of the data cleanse, including training, telemarketing staff time and telecommunication costs came in at under $3.20 per record supplied.  With a pack cost of $7.50 and contents value of $80.00 this represents a good return on investment for our client.  Having future access to this accurate data to communicate with members and improve customer engagement will add additional value for the client on an ongoing basis.

Client Comment

“From day one, Phone Plus worked with Les Mills very closely. The calls were handled very professionally and the attention to detail and reporting was excellent. We were very pleased with how it worked out.”

Kristin Falconer

National Marketing Manager

Les Mills New Zealand

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