Manaia Health is the Primary Health Organisation (PHO) which funds and co-ordinates services, provides resources and expertise for providers and delivers some specialised primary healthcare services including the Meningococcal C Advisory program.

The PHO also works closely with a number of other health, social services, iwi, sport, housing, education and local community organisations and the local territorial authority, to improve the overall health and wellbeing of our enrolled population.

While many of its services are directed towards individuals and illness, it is also focused on issues which impact on the wellness of specific groups and communities within our enrolled population which is approximately 93,000 of whom 24% are Maori.

The PHO has the responsibility of ensuring that current challenges in community healthcare are being met.  These challenges include child and adolescent health, immunisation, mental health and chronic diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.


Service requirements

When Northland was hit by an outbreak of potentially fatal meningococcal C disease, in the winter of 2011, Phone Plus was selected by Manaia Health to assist with a proactive vaccination campaign targeting young people.

Because of the short duration of the emergency vaccination programme, the PHO contracted Phone Plus to contact parents of pre-schoolers across Northland by telephone, raising awareness of the campaign and explaining how to access free vaccination for their children.

This was a sensitive campaign, dealing with what could be an emotional or alarming subject for some people and ensuring that the necessary advisory about the option of free vaccination was provided without judgement or unnecessary comment.

The Results

Following completion of the contacts made by Phone Plus, 874 of the eligible children were vaccinated.  This represents 72% of those who said they wanted to have their children vaccinated.  In total, more than 31,000 Northland infants and children aged 12 months to 20 years were vaccinated during the three-month programme.


Client Comment

The Chief Executive of Manaia PHO praised the quality of service provided by Phone Plus in carrying out the telephone campaign.

“Phone Plus’s professionalism, flexibility, responsiveness and grasp of the programme and its challenges really impressed us.”

Chris Farrelly

Chief Executive

Manaia PHO

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