Nature Bee is a New Zealand owned company that markets high quality, natural health food products.

Nature Bee’s flagship product, Potentiated Bee Pollen, made from pollen harvested by bees, is the culmination of years of research. Ancient cultures have used pollen and honey to promote general wellness for centuries and more recent studies have found that pollen collected by bees is the most complete natural food available.

Nature Bee operates under the umbrella of Topline International, which was established in 1993 in Auckland New Zealand by Jeff Cook.

Phone Plus services:

Inbound direct response sales

Inbound customer service

The partnership between Nature Bee and Phone Plus has been ongoing for more than ten years. Phone Plus operates an inbound sales and service contact centre for Nature Bee, managing 100% of customer calls its markets in United States, Australia and New Zealand. The Phone Plus service operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Karen Campbell oversees Nature Bee’s customer and phone sales operations. The relationship with Phone Plus is “well established, ongoing and helpful”, she says. And, importantly, the benefits of the partnership are reflected on the bottom line.

While the length of the partnership indicates that the Phone Plus service is effective and efficient, there are always things to work on, Karen says and Phone Plus has a program of continuous improvement. “A lot of work is put in place to ensure training needs are met”, says Karen. Managing an inbound service is a complex process of recruiting and retaining high quality staff people, who can talk easily to customers while maintaining an efficient 24/7 service.”

Phone Plus has tailored its services to the Nature Bee business and budget and is a player in the company’s ongoing marketing strategies and has added value by contributing business learnings and ideas over the years, Karen says.

Karen says she gets on extremely well with Phone Plus staff and finds them easily accessible.

“Lauren’s amazing. She responds very quickly.”

Karen is confident that the Nature Bee brand will continue to be supported strongly through services from Phone Plus in coming years.


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