Through the management

of your customer contact

functions and back-office

processes, Phone Plus

can successfully reduce

the cost of staff,

technology, facilities and

equipment in your business.

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We provide unparalleled
service for many specialized industries,
Phone Plus staff
are knowledgeable,
caring and efficient.

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We are an expert in

managing your customer

interactions, market

research, customer data,

back-office processing and

sales support fulfilment.

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We enable you

to interact and

transact 24 hours

a day, 7 days a week,

365 days a year,

across multiple

channels, seamlessly

and efficiently.

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Phone Plus offers a full
range of sales services
and solutions tailored
to suit your business
and budget.

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“As a service provider, they go the extra mile and offer value for money”

~ Contracts & Procurement Manager, Hanelie Lategan.

“PhonePlus proved that they could find the balance between achieving sales, managing risk,
and ensuring a positive experience for all of the prospects that they contacted.”

~ SGC Key Account Manager Tim Bryers

“PhonePlus are a pleasure to work with and have been friendly in all dealings.
We were able to regularly discuss the daily breakdowns of key statistics and brainstorm
new ideas to address any challenges encountered by their outbound team.”

~ SGC Key Account Manager Tim Bryers

"All requests for information & reporting were met & continues to do so."

~ Naveen Dowlath / Head of Service, Samsung

"Phone Plus was able to provide inbound, outbound, text messaging, email & survey services"

~ Naveen Dowlath / Head of Service, Samsung

"Phone Plus management team modified their systems
& processes to suit our project as we went along."

~ Naveen Dowlath / Head of Service, Samsung

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